London Festival of Architecture

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) 2013 will be held in London with great fanfare from 01-30th June 2013 as an exploration of London’s built-in environment and reveling on its importance in architecture and design.

The LFA also becomes to a venue to reassert London’s success and role as a global hub of architectural innovation in terms of thinking, experimentation, learning and best practices.
The LFA, started as a biennial event has become an annual affair now. Starting in in 2004, the London Architecture Biennale spread its wings across all locations by its perspective of looking at the ways in which Londoners and visitors become part of the city.
Packed Programme
The festival charts a tight schedule. The whole event is being curated by the British Council, The Architecture Foundation, New London Architecture and RIBA London. The packed programme of events and attractions will be held in various hubs of London. Other cities participating in the event include Fitzrovia, Southwark, and Victoria, Hoxton and King’s Cross. Most of the activities will be taking place in open studios, public installations and open house sessions.
Atlas of the Unbuilt World

The exhibition, Atlas of the Unbuilt World will feature 50 architectural models from continents across the world. That London Festival of Architecture is bringing architects and communities together to examine the issue of how London can be made a better place is delightful.
For London, LFA will be truly a ‘time for architecture’ as the Festival Partners have invited leading luminaries in architecture and allied cultural institutions to harness the enormous energy inherent in the London scene.
Undoubtedly the event is set to become richer by its varied programmes and independent actors, individuals and artists who will be promoting the London Festival of Architecture Fringe. The plan is to stage architecture related events, exhibitions, installations of Festival Partners and promote them as the core of LFA programme.
Turning Annual
The 2013 edition of LFA will be a landmark as it is turning into an annual affair. The programme menu is thick with contributions from leading architectural and cultural institutions. As a result LFA Fringe is all for individual practices and artists.
Heralding Change
Overall, the London Festival of Architecture will rejuvenate the tradition and mull on its history, moorings, cultural activities and human achievements. It will also herald positive changes and pronounce improvements in the city’s public realm.
The partners– RIBA London, The Architecture Foundation, the British Council, and NLA will be curating the programmes in tune with their mission and strategic direction sending a louder message of London’s prominence in Global architectural realm.

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