A Quick Guide on Landlords vs Tenants Responsibilities

Letting out your property is not as simple as you think. It is not just about the rent but you need to take care of other things too. Do take valuable services of letting agents for faster and easier letting process and escape troublesome relationship between a landlord and tenant. Make sure that you have listed down the responsibilities well in advance. Here is a quick guide on landlord vs. tenant responsibilities. These will help you in letting out your property without any worries.


Landlord’s Responsibilities:


  • Complete Safety

It is the responsibility of the landlord that he must ensure the basic safety of the tenants while renting his property. The gas pipelines and the electric appliances and wiring should be in a good condition otherwise it can even cost a life.

  • Disclosing Information

While letting out a property, it is the responsibility of the landlords to disclose the basic information to the best of their knowledge. Furthermore, landlords must correctly state their address, contact numbers and the details of the property. The Landlord should mention if anything in the property is not in a good condition.

  • Treatment of Deposits

The security deposit taken by the landlord while letting out a property must be guarded by the relevant protection schemes approved by the government. This ensures that the landlord has a backup in case of disputes.

  • Repair & major modifications in the Structure of the Property

The repairs to the permanent structures in the property are the responsibility of the landlord. Any major damage in the pipelines or the wirings needs to be borne by the landlord. It is the responsibility of the Landlord to get the house painted time to time. In addition to this, he should also ensure safety of the tenants residing in the property.

  • Pest Control

Since pests are harmful and can cause huge damage to the property of both landlord and tenant. They can destroy your belongings too. Therefore, controlling them and taking accurate measures from time to time to curb their growth is the responsibility of the landlord while renting.

  • Evacuating the Premises

The landlord must understand his responsibilities regarding eviction. Tenant can not be asked to leave the property whenever tenant wants. He has to serve a reasonable period of time along with a notice from the court and then ask the tenants to leave the property.


Tenant’s Responsibilities:


  • Rent and other Charges

The tenant must ensure that he must pay the rentals and other charges from time to time. The rent amount should be the amount as it’s in the rent agreement. If the tenant is unable to pay the said amount as rent, he should inform the same to the landlord in due course of time. The tenant should also pay charges levied by the government as per the renting agreement. Furthermore, if the landlord is living in a different country then the international taxation norms will also apply while paying the rent.

  • Repairs

The damage that happens to the property by the own actions or the actions of the family members of the tenant must be borne by the tenant himself. So, he cannot expect the landlord to take care of every minor details and damages when he has let out the property. It is important to maintain your property and to keep your property in best condition to save lot of money and get good rent.

  • Care and Cleanliness of the Property

It is the responsibility of the tenant to take the basic care of the property. If he seems like that something can cause damage to the property then he should timely inform the landlord. Tenants should take care of basic cleanliness of the property.

  • Subletting

In normal cases, subletting of a property is strictly disallowed in renting agreements. If it is allowed in the agreement then the tenant must ensure that it is done as per the rules, regulations and guidelines mentioned in the agreement.

This guide will be a great help for those who are letting out their property. Renting agreements does not only comprise of landlord and tenant rights. It also takes care of the responsibilities of both the parties. This guide will help you in understanding what you should do as a landlord or as a tenant. You need to take care of your responsibilities to maintain cordial relationships with the other party.

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