Do’s And Don’ts In London Flat Hunting

In the big city of London Flat hunting is considered a nightmare. But it can be made a fun with better advice and more patience. Normally the months of September and October are the prime time in flat hunting.

Starting Point

For newbies to the city, a flat that is close to the office or university will be fine. Even proximity to nice parks will be exciting. The Hampstead Heath in North London will be beautiful.  Searching trendier areas in Shoreditch or West End are good for those who can afford it.

Some trendy student flats and towers have come over Spitalfields Market where box rooms are up for grabs at £300 a week. Price points of £100 to £150 per week in central London are no surprise. But it must deliver the perks as in a nice living room. In London, rents are displayed by postcode basis. Try, flat listing websites on the basis of location, price and furnishing to get a yield of a sense of affordability on a given area.

Low Council Tax Areas

For non students, there is a need to pay council tax. The rates of council tax can be assessed on the basis of area, Council Tax or independent review.

To find Flat in London the smart options use an estate agent or not use him. Both come with rewards and risks. Estate agents are a guarantee against the fraud and scams that rule many online sites.

Inside scoop

If possible, talk to the current tenants of the flat. Ask for problems, if any, they faced with the landlord or the flat itself.  Talk to as many tenants and see some are is keen on selling’you the place than others.

One-Up the Agency

Estate agents are smart when it comes to the housing deposit issue. They may bully you. Keep your temper. Note down their individual mobile numbers and talk to them personally if things are going wrong.  Strike a rapport once the paperwork has completed.

Check the Utilities

After all the running around, when you are settling down-do a reality check before you move in. Check the plumbing and examine every ceiling and floor for leaks and holes. Check the utilities to assess they are functioning normally. If the energy providers in the flat are different, such as  electricity and gas. Change as soon as you move in. Secure the discount when the electricity and gas be from the same company.

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