Follow the tips to keep your Tenants happy

Tips to keep your Tenants happy

We hear issues of tussle between landlords and tenants including litigations. These experiences do happen despite tenancy deals. But if a landlord can act a little wisely all such incidents can be amicably solved.

That is all about treating a tenant nicely and does go a long way in saving lots of time, money and ensures a great deal of peace of mind.
The key to long term rentals London is the individual landlord maintaining the right attitude and being friendly with the client unlike other property owners who may have plenty of lots of properties going into rent and the on-site manager vested with the charge to handle the tenants.

Long-term tenants

The golden rule is–always treat your tenants as if they are the most important people in your life. Conducting yourself in a respectful manner will make your life a lot easier and keep the properties more profitable. Treating tenants fairly will also help in keeping them longer in your property.

Avoid Repeated Hassles

By trying to retail a tenant(s) is that the landlord can escape the pain of undergoing all renting related procedures. Every time a rental deal expires, the landlords have to undergo the exhaustive cycle of

    • Fixing and repairing all wear-and-tear items
    • Many hours working on the leasing deal
    • Advertising, taking calls, interviewing, showing the property, verifying credit reports, drafting tenancy deals, inventory check etc.


It is truly a hell of a work. So if you are aiming long term rentals London, the point is to keep the tenants happy as long as possible, by treating them well. That starts by treating them the way you would like to be treated.

Basics of Keeping Tenants for Long

    • Maintain a good cash flow
    • Try to avoid angry tenants
    • Avoid frequent re-lease of the property
    • Keep the property well maintained
    • Fix problems at the earliest
    • Don’t charge tenants for small repairs like plumbing


Reasonable Rent

Keep the rent reasonable to attract a large pool of applicants and get the best credit quality group as good tenants. If problems like a broken water pipe or similar things arise, deal fairly and handle it to the tenant’s satisfaction.

Reward Them

Tenants who are punctual in matters of rent are looking after the property well need to be rewarded through marginal rent hikes. By treating tenants well, a landlord always gains.

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