European Outdoor Film Tour in London: A Galaxy of World’s Best Adventure Films

The European Outdoor Film Tour (EOFT) will be in London on 23 November. The same day film screening will be held at the Royal Geographical Society. There will be two shows on 23 November at 2 pm and 6 pm at the Royal Geographical Society.

The EOFT will treat all film enthusiasts to an exciting array of adventure films, featuring the world’s most elite athletes. The films will be in many adventure categories including mountaineering and snowboarding.

Many outstanding films have been chosen for the tour based on their sheer brilliance in action, storytelling and cinematography. Some of the films are,

  • The Road from Karakol
  • North of the Sun
  • Supervention
  • Not Bad
  • Cascada
  • Sound of the Void
  • The Beginning
  • Wide Boyz
  • Petit Bus Rouge


The award-winning environmental documentary North of the Sun portrays a small hut and the life in a lonely beach of the Arctic Circle for a pair of inhabitants without even sunlight for many months.
The Road from Karakol tells the journey of a traveller from Karakol to Kyrgyzstan on a bike crossing rivers and mountains. At the end thinks that every adventure is unique and there is no suffering.
The Wide Boyz portrays two British experts, strong in off width-climbing. They conquer the world’s toughest off-width route in Utah mountain and what happens thereafter is interesting.

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