Father’s Day London 2015- It’s All About Treat Dads

He is your superhero. He is your Idle. He is your best buddy who loves you unconditionally. Yes, he’s the person who protects you from all rain and sun with his strong and caring nature. With father’s day is almost on our doorstep, we have no time left in making the day a biggest life-time affair.
So, what are your plans? Are you all set with the thrilling ideas? If not then, here are some quick, easy and affordable father’s day activities which you can conduct to spellbind your father.

Drink and Dine

Dads, after  working for almost a whole day at a stretch, hardly get time to relax and chill or to live life their own way. As a matter of fact, they don’t have time and when it’s about weekends, most of their day ends up by quenching kids and family’s need. When they do this all just for you, why not you as a kid, wife or a family think some quirky ideas? Make him relax and take him out for the full day entertainment.

      • Dads love beer ‘n’ they will always do. So, take him to the beer festival in a Summer Brew Fest, which is to take place in Bermondsey. Choose either evening or day sessions occurring from 19th June to 21st June.
      • Ask him to go out on a delicious foodie date at food festival which is a “Taste of London” taking place in Regent’s park. He will love to be treated with the bountiful taster plates at some of the best restaurants of London.
      • A tea can also make a day, especially when it’s gent’s afternoon tea. Sanctum Soho, and Montcalm at brewery are the worth visiting place for the afternoon tea. Savour his taste buds with specially prepared scotch eggs along with some other irresistibly flawsome delights.
      • Now it is night, so plan out a very-very special dinner which is spectacularly unique at some of the best restaurants of London. Make a list of your dad’s favourite dishes and let the show begin.

Celebrate the day away from home

Check out for some affordable hotels away from your home in London which you can obviously find easily. And get away for the weekend.
As the father’s day fall, be ready with some champagne and a lovely cake with the tons of thanks to your dad for their eternal support and start the gala with your family.
Show up some dance moves; try out the champagne along with the serving of great dishes.
If your father loves to play golf why not take him to ‘The Grove’. It’s a five star hotel in London which has a big golf course. Once he has enjoyed playing 18 holes, he can head to bar to enjoy his favourite drinks or for a full body massage session to relax down.

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