Know Your Rights When you Rent a House

It is important for every individual to know your rights and understand the rights of a tenant. This will help them to enjoy the premises to the maximum extent effectively. It is necessary for people to understand different kinds of options while living in a place. As it helps them to utilize the right option based on the requirement and budget on a regular basis.

Tenants Vs Lodgers

Tenants are a group of people or a single individual, who would prefer to take a house for some time by paying a certain amount of money as a rent on a regular basis. Most of the people would prefer to maintain the renting transactions to a month. Monthly transactions are easier for them to arrange the funds in an easy way. Tenants usually take a complete house and prefer to stay for a long time.

Lodgers are usually a single individual, who would prefer to occupy a single room of a huge house by paying a certain amount of rent on a weekly or a monthly basis. They enjoy Better comfort as compared to tenants as they would be staying alone with the owner of the house in and effectively. Further, we can say that lodgers usually enjoy a lot of privacy and a huge amount of savings because of renting a single room. This turns out to be cost-effective compared to occupying a huge house.

Different aspects for Tenants and Lodgers to consider-

Maintenance and Repairs:-

Maintenance and repairs both play a crucial role for both tenants and lodgers. It is necessary for people to have a proper communication while renting the premises. Further, it helps them to have a better understanding in terms of maintaining and enjoying facilities and amenities. It is a must for people to Know your rights and ways for repairs of the rental property. You can always take guidance on repairs of the rental property to save money without compromising what the Comfort Effectively. Maintenance is usually divided among the people living in the same premises and most of the villas would be in need of a single contribution for obvious reasons.

Habitation Rights at Home:-

Habitation rights are necessary to focus while taking a place on rent. This will help them to allow Pets and conduct activities. Many people would prefer to go for Rentals London options without having any kind of restrictions from landlords. Most of the Apartments for rent in London are known to come with limited restrictions. It plays a vital role for people to stay for a long span of time without hassles. It is the duty of a tenant to know your rights.

Funds Transaction:-

Funds transaction is one of the important aspects to consider while taking a place on rent, as it helps them to save tax while paying on a yearly basis. It is necessary for every individual to Know your rights and declare the rent from the parties to the government. In order to pay required taxes without compromising on the rent negotiations on rent from time to time. The security deposit is necessary to stay constant for all the tenants and it needs to be used only to cover the damage caused by the tenant during the stay.

Period of Stay:-

Period of stay allows people to plan their future in terms of eviction from time to time. It is necessary for people to take a long-term rental flat in London. It plays a crucial role in saving money while eviction on a regular basis. Duration of stay help in choosing the right place based on the requirement, which plays a vital role for people to stay for a long time. It is necessary for every tenant or a lodger to Know your rights and inform about pets well in advance because not every landlord would be comfortable seeing a pet often.


Eviction notice from the owner of the house usually comes while the contract is up to renew. But a landlord has a right to send eviction notice for any kind of breach happened during the tenant stay. A required amount needs to be paid in order to cover the damages caused. There will be sufficient amount of time provided by the landlord in order to find a new property or a house to move on.

One of the main reason between landlord and tenant misunderstanding is due to lack of knowledge about their rights. Therefore, it is very important to Know your rights when you rent a house to ensure smooth and hustle free tenancy procedure.

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