What’s Better, Property Inventory Agency or DIY?

When it comes to managing the rental property, it is very important to conduct a full condition property inventory report on the property rather than just writing down the items in the notepad. Now the question is-what’s the best way to conduct a full property inventory report, should a person hire a professional agency or it could be a ‘Do it Yourself’ task?  Until that time, they were letting the agents who would conduct inventory reports at the property with just a notepad by writing down every item in the room, itemising each item and taking photographs of the property.

Now, renting property has turned out to be a tricky task for both tenants and landlords. A broken glass of window, ripped carpet or crack flooring can compel a tenant of paying a hefty deposit so it’s important to conduct a full property report to save the property of the landlord and tenant from being paid such heavy deposits.  So, if you are on your mark to make the detailed notes of your existing property condition and just guessing out the way to do this appropriately, then it’s a time to make a decision between property inventory agency and DIY???

Let’s See A Scenario When You Do It Yourself

Well, if you have decided to keep the track of everything in your property then see how’s the condition gonna be? If you have a one or two room then it’s somewhere possible to do it alone or yourself but at the same time if there are five or six rooms then checking out every corner from top to bottom, taking pictures of all the rooms, noting down the every item, having the close view of every corner could be a devastating situation for you. As a matter of fact, it’s next to impossible for one or two people. At the same time, if you are doing it yourself then you also need to be expert in photography to have the clear pictures of the property and the items.

How about professional inventory agencies?

Professional inventory agencies conduct an independent inventory report on a rental property. They make the complete notes of the contents and conditions of the property before it’s rented out by the landlord. The professional clerks at such agencies also carry out a mid-tenancy checks on the property and this is returned back when the tenancy tenure gets expired. Then the original condition is compared with the end-of-tenancy condition. The return of the tenant’s deposit is usually dependent upon the state of the property.

If you are also looking ahead to rent out your property then you need to consider professional inventory clerks from a reputed agency who could prepare a complete inventory report to make the leasing more easy and trouble free. So what are you up to now? Let’s find your preferred inventory agency now and stop worrying about your rented property.

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