Trendy Flats Available on Rent At Kensington

London is a mix of residential as well as commercial. There are some areas such as Kensington, Knightsbridge etc which are thickly populated. These areas have well furnished mew houses, which are strategically located at cul-de-sacs and some duplex house as well.

High Rent

Rental Flats in Kensington fetches high rent due to proximity to the shopping areas and great attractions. Kensington properties for rent can be found out with the help of an estate agent.

Kensington is regarded as one of the most sought after areas in London, with a high concentration of marvelous parks including the Royal Park of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, which is the world famous. People from all over the world visit these parks and spend the whole day in leisure.

Proximity to Fashion Hub

The Kensington High street is a hub of fashion trends .It is second best shopping destination after Oxford Street in London. It is well connected with the rest of the city. The rents are definitely higher than other parts of the city.

The reason is obvious–the real estate prices of an area increases when there are extraordinary amenities. People seek ideal residential areas which offer proximity to schools, colleges, offices, hospitals and entertainment avenues.

In Kensington, there is the excellent combination of good infrastructure and green area. In the parks, people can breathe fresh air and children can play in the park.

The options for a pleasant and eco friendly life style make Kensington one of the best places to reside in London. The area also has a large number of corporate with their guest houses and professional accommodation for their staff on travel and deputed for onsite assignments.

The Kensington area also has ultra modern houses, with so many well known Victorian style houses. This adds to its glitter with a Victorian look. Many people have converted their Victorian houses into ultra modern houses. Kensington also takes pride in its huge mansions.

Flats are mostly located in Roland Gardens closer to the Gloucester Road underground station. The area also got a lot of shops and restaurants.

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