Who all to be informed about address change while shifting home

Between moving home and settling in a new house there are many tasks to do. In the weeks preceding the move a number of organizations and businesses have to be informed about your impending change in address. Probably this an approximate list of important entities and people you will want to get in touch with details of your new address.

TV Licensing Office

Contact the TV License office with your new address. Otherwise update online by visiting www.tvlicensing.co.uk and inform the new address. Failing this would make your unlicensed in your new home exposing to the risk of fines.

Revenue and Customs

Make sure that you have informed the HMRC of new address for tax purposes. Even if you are consistent in paying tax through PAYE and have informed your employer or pension provider the HMRC email service can still send you notification.

Bank and Pension provider

Contacting your bank, Building society and pension provider is very important as they can contact you if any issues come up that may be affecting you.


Inform your employer that you are moving to a new house and update the new address. In turn they will update their emergency contact information and know where to send relevant documents, like pay slips or P60 forms.


In any house change you have a legal obligation to inform the DVLA about the new address. Informing them will help you to renew your driving license and vehicle registration documents seamlessly.
Also take out a few minutes to update following entities about your new address:

    • Magazines subscribed to
    • Schools where your children study
    • Credit card Company



There is no need to feel tensed even if you have not got in touch with everyone on this list. Just set up a Royal Mail Redirection Service and you will keep receiving mails at your new address. They are very popular with their service to tenants in London. In case you forgot to inform any organization about your shifting home they can still redirect your mails to you and you will not miss any correspondence.

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