To Live the Urban or Suburban Way: A Careful Decision

A dramatic shift from sub urban toward the urban core is witnessed in the metropolitan area, as suburbs are struggling with drop in school enrollment and similar basic amenities. While, the adults with their kids are moving to urban areas because of better facilities, senior citizens are staying put in the suburbs, so far.

It has been observed in several metropolitan areas, building activity has shifted to the urban core, with the demand of single-family homes. Previously, the suburb of London evoked a particular way of life, tranquility, tree-lined streets, etc, however, today, these are said to evoke endless slumps and an exhausting commute.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are looking for a house? Isn’t it the location, nearness to the market, school, hospital, etc that you list down to your real estate agent? To be precise, you look for a place where basic amenities are available in the vicinity! This is how urban areas of the city lure people. Offering convenient public transportation, nightlife and employment opportunities are what are making people shift from suburb to urban areas.

Since the distinction between urban and suburban is based on the factors such as municipal boundaries, the distance from city hall and/or the central business district and housing density. Wherein, suburbs usually have housing away from the city and the dwellings are comparatively huge, urban areas have multi-family apartments or condos near the centre.

It has been seen of late that urban areas can easily be found in the suburbs, the concept of urban and suburban has slightly been tweaked. There is an easy access to established stores and other amenities within walking distance, which is making it hard to distinguish between urban and suburban living.

Additionally, living and working in an urban area saves you money on gas, just because amenities are in the vicinity. This, thus, saves you on car payments, insurance and repairs. And with that, you automatically become eco-friendly, minimizing carbon footprint!

However, if you talk about lifestyle being better in urban or suburban, it would entirely depend on your definition of quality of life. So, if you are confused on where to live, and finding it tough to choose between urban and suburban, get in touch with your real estate agent.

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