Tips to Find the Best Rental Property for Your Budget

There is peace in renting a flat or house as it gives the required space without undergoing the burden of a mortgage. However, if it is not done carefully a deal can rip you off.

Set a budget:

Before renting, always make a realistic budget and work out exactly how much you can afford by way of rent each month to avoid disappointment later. In the budget, add the extra bills you have to cover when you move into the rented property.


The location where you live is important as makes a big impact on the property to rent with your budget. So you have to decide whether location or property is more important. With a bit of flexibility you can find a bargain. Of course the flexibility will depend on your lifestyle.

Property Search:

Once these parameters are in place searching for the right property becomes a task. There are many online property sites to sign up for email notifications. If there is a property meeting all your needs it you will be alerted.

Letting agent:

Hire a letting agent to look for a property that meets your parameters

Test the Property

Once a few properties are shortlisted viewing can start. Signing a tenancy deal comes on the basis of renting the flat or house that has been viewed or approved by the tenant. Therefore looking round the property should be like a test drive of a car and give your nod only when you are satisfied with the terms and quality of the property. So check everything.

  • Turn the Taps to test water pressure
  • Test the shower
  • Flush the toilet
  • Check the fixtures
  • Check the fittings
  • Open and close windows


Don’t Rush

Do not ever rush through a property under persuasion by the landlord or letting agent in 15 minutes or so. Take your time as ultimately you will be the one living there.

Negotiate the Rent

Do not accept the listed rental price, instead see it as the maximum you would be expected to pay and bargain to reduce the costs and if some portion of the utility bill can be adjusted into the rent.

Security Deposit

Deposits vary from one month to 6 months depending on credit worthiness. So make sure the deposit is safe before you sign a rental agreement. You can keep these tips in mind when you are searching Beaufort park flats to rent.

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