Tips for Efficient Property Viewing

In the process of scouting for a rental home, viewing a lot of them can drain out the initial thrill of house hunting and a sense of indolence sets in. That ultimately breeds boredom and loss of focus. So there must be a method in sustaining the enthusiasm and curiosity while seeing a lot of properties.

Some tips on making property viewing enjoyable can work.

Property Search tool

Every tenant has own priorities while looking for a house. So short-listing is the first step by making sure that the property to be viewed ticks all the boxes.

Using a Property Search tool will be effective in crafting the criteria and to make a good start. Desperation comes when a property is viewed and does not fulfill the basic criteria.

Remember that no seller will negotiate on the basis of a buyer’s criteria and reduce the price because it does not fit the budget of the other party.

Property Coach

Get a Property Coach to save the money and amount of time. At the property search stage, help from a Property Coach can trace the right properties and taking the coach for the viewings will be useful. Certainly an extra pair of eyes and market knowledge can positively impact the efficiency of viewings. It is a no-loss option also for all those who are short on time and want to relocate fast.

Tools for Viewing

  • Carry
  • Measuring tape
  • Notepad
  • Camera
  • Mini spirit level

This is a basic viewing checklist and is a must. So prepare your list one before you hit the streets for viewing and make sure you are well balanced in the priorities.

Right mood

Always avoid viewings when you are stressed out, over joyed, very frustrated and angry. There will be a lot of difference in judgment while seeing a place after work and seeing it on a fresh Saturday morning. Just assess how far your mood swings affect the judgement on the property being viewed and act accordingly.

Living in Ealing

With West London offering a lot of affordable rental supply, Ealing is a great choice as one of the beautiful West London boroughs. It is well connected with Central and Piccadilly tube links. A wide range of properties are in supply that includes Victorian townhouses and flats. For flats to rent in Ealing, consult professional letting agencies who can offer a better solution.

Walk-Through Checklist

Here is the checklist that you need see while viewing a property. Few questions will also come in your mind so, don’t hesitate to ask.

Living Room Stove and oven
Flooring Microwave
Walls, ceilings and baseboards Refrigerator and freezer
Light fixtures Dishwasher
Ceiling fan Garbage disposal
Window coverings Sink
Windows-glass, locks and screens Leakage of water below the sink
Heater vents/registers Bathroom
Fireplace Toilet
Smoke detector Exhaust fan
Dining Room Inspect for lint or other signs that the dryer is not venting properly
Kitchen Drawers
Cabinets, inside and out Counters

Hope this guide will help you to find a perfect rental home.

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