Tips for Renting Fabulous Flats in Hampstead

Hampstead is a lovely neighbourhood in north London and very affluent too. It is home to the largest number of millionaires in London. The place offers a fantastic mix of houses bearing architecture styles from late Victorian to Georgian.


The tourist attractions in Hampstead include Keats House, Fenton House, Church Row, Flask and Well Walk. There are too many traditional pubs as well. For commuting, you can take the Nothern Line up the Hampstead station in north.

Flats available in Hampstead

The novelty in architecture of Hampstead and its surrounding areas can be understood from a plethora of architecture marvels that are Georgian and Victorian.
Among the affordable rental properties are


Favorite of students

Hampstead is very popular with young students and professionals. The area is also a hit with families who love its picturesque ambience. Its detached mansions and terraced houses are undoubtedly popular with families helped by its reputation for education. Its one and two-bedroom flats are very popular among young professionals.

North Hampstead

There is unlimited variety in the types of properties in West Hampstead.

  • Victorian terraced houses
  • Edwardian mansion blocks
  • Compact conversions
  • 2 Bed and 3 Bed terraces and semis
  • Detached 7 bedroom houses

This area is famous for young professionals. There are many reputed letting agencies helping to arrange Hampstead Flats to rent. There are several modern flats to choose from the 20th century council blocks.
Knight Frank too says that Hampstead is the most sought-after residential area in London with its picturesque and hill top topography looking down over the rest of London.


There are all kinds of properties to rent in Hampstead. The rentals of Hampstead property will be around £700 per week. It can go up to £3,850 a week when it comes to prestigious properties. Hampstead is quieter than many other central locations like Westminister.
Hampstead Heath is the largest parkland in the capital, giving sensational views of London. You can enjoy open-air concerts during the summer on the slopes of Kenwood House reminding its nature as a hub of constant activity.

Enjoy Variety

The best thing about Hampstead is the variety in property. From one bedroom flats in modern blocks to large mansions one can sense the wide range. Where else you can live in a Victorian terrace house or 18th century cottage except in Hampstead?

West Hampstead

West Hampstead is more popular for night life. It is a favourite of professionals thanks to trendy pubs, and excellent shopping areas. The rents are also not as pricey as Hampstead. In terms of transportation it is well connected. West Hampstead offers a hamlet like aura where too many coffee shops, chic pubs, restaurants and social attractions will turn you intellectual.

West End Lane Area

The West End Lane is the hub of West Hampstead area. It has rich greenery and tall Victorian constructions. The extremely good transportation system and close proximity to various attractions makes West Hampstead a wonderful residential area for all.

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