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Tenant Responsibilities

As a tenant you have a certain responsibility to the property you're staying in and to the landlord of that property. Renting a house or apartment creates a legal relationship between you and the landlord.It's important you follow these steps to make sure your tenancy is as smooth as possible.

Rental responsibilities

It's important that you always pay the agreed rent set with the landlord and the letting agency before you move into the property. Failure to do so means you're in breach of your contract and will most likely have to go to court, where you will be liable to pay the money owed if there is no acceptable reason as to why you couldn't pay it.

Utility bills

utility-billAs a tenant it's your responsibility, and not the landlords, to pay the gas, electric, water, phone, internet and TV bills. These are not included in the rent, unless stated, and they will be addressed to you in your name.

Property decorative order

You are also required to keep the property in good condition, taking care of it while you're living there. Any damages caused to the property by yourself, family members or friends while you're living there will most likely result in part or all of your deposit being held back to cover the damages.

Behaving respectfully

It's important for you to behave in a respectful manor to your neighbours and people in close proximity. If you're living in an apartment block, there will be rules set in the building contract - as well as your tenancy agreement - which you must adhere to. These generally include rules relating to noise. You will not be allowed to have a pet in the property unless this has been pre-agreed with the landlord, and is in the terms and conditions for the building.


repairIf any repairs need to be made to equipment that was provided when you moved into the property, it is the landlord's responsibility to fix them. However, it's your responsibility to notify the landlord of the problem. If you're renting a property that is managed by the letting agent, you will need to contact them to arrange necessary repairs. If the property is not managed, then you will need to contact the landlord directly, therefore always make sure you have contact details for the landlord.

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