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The verdict is in and the critics have been silenced. Canary Wharf has made the task of combining a financial district with upscale accommodation look ridiculously straightforward. Momentum gained in the lead up to the 2012 Olympiad has fueled an ongoing property boom, with investors keeping the faith as developers continue to provide buy-to-let accommodation of exceptional style and quality. When international high-flyers thought of London in the past, they invariably thought of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Now, however, they are more likely to imagine the gleaming superstructures of this East London miracle of renovation and renewal.

A unique position within a particularly extravagant loop in the River Thames, means that Canary Wharf is bordered by the river on three sides. This lends to it an almost island-like feel and developers have been quick to capitalise on this, with high-rise luxury apartments that provide spectacular maritime views being a strong feature of the area. Pan Peninsula and The Landmark property developments are the standout examples of the genre, featuring sleek, stylish contemporary living spaces in a variety of configurations and price brackets. Homes to rent in these stunning buildings start at around £300 per week, quite affordable for most tenants.

The standard of accommodation within the environs of Canary Wharf is sure to attract the interest of top corporate professionals, relocation agents and wealthy young families and investors will find that void periods on their properties will be exceptionally low because of the constant flow of workers that keep moving to work here.

One of the reasons why Canary Wharf has prospered is the fact that, in both scope and imagination, the growth of the transport infrastructure has matched that of property development. First, there was a futuristic monorail system, named the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), that linked it with the City of London, after which came a bespoke international airport. The Jubilee Line was then extended through South East London in order to link up to one of the DLR's branches, giving the area a fast Tube link to the West End. The result is that Canary Wharf has become not only a commercial powerhouse, but a retail, culinary and cultural destination in its own right that shows no signs of slowing down.

With substantial rental budgets at their command, prospective tenants will expect standards to be high, with neutral colours, wood flooring, hi spec kitchens and en-suite bathrooms being a given. To stay ahead, rental investors need to avail themselves of the services of a professional property management agent in order to ensure that their property is presented and maintained at optimum levels. Corporates insist on this before signing a lease so such costs should be factored in if considering a buy-to-let property.

The world of high finance provides a large pool of prospective tenants with apartments to rent in Canary Wharf providing a natural choice for them. So if you're a property investor wishing to buy a rental property here or if you are looking for a property management agent in London, discover more by contacting an experienced, Canary Wharf letting agent. You can talk to us about any aspect of property rentals, from free rental advice to finding a tenant and property management.

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