Who is responsible for mould in your rented home?

Damp and mould issues are common problems which everyone faces at a certain age of homes, whether its rented property or owned property. Moulds are generally developed in humid environment, or due to excess moisture in the property. There could be many reasons for moulds like any kind of water leakage in pipes or wall, any cracks in wall, bad ventilation etc. You cannot simply ignore damp or mould issues in your rented home. You must take action as soon as you spot a mould. When mould dries out, it can cause several serious health issues, therefore, it needs strict attention.

Landlord’s Responsibility-

First and prime responsibility of a mould found in a rented home lies on the landlord. It is the landlord’s responsibility to get moulds issues resolved if it is caused due to the structure of rented home or any fault arising due to it or any leakage in pipes. Landlords are responsible for all building and wall related issues. However, it does come with certain terms and conditions.

The tenant should inform the landlord about the mould in rented home as and when it is spotted. Once the issue has been informed, it is the landlord’s duty to make arrangements for inspection and get it resolved. It is important to find out the cause of mould in order to prove landlord’s responsibility. However, if the landlord does not respond or do not take any action against it, tenant can get it fixed by his own and can adjust the charges paid in future rent. When mould is caused due to tenant, then landlord can be escaped from his responsibility.

Tenant’s Responsibility-

It does not mean that landlord is always responsible for all wears and tears of the rented home.  As a tenant, you will be responsible, if mould in the rented home is developed due to negligence on your part.  There could be many reasons which may cause moulds in your rented home. These could be –

  • Tenant is responsible in keeping the environment humid and moist
  • Drying wet clothes inside the house
  • Poor ventilation in the home
  • Keeping all doors and windows closed for a long time causing no air to pass
  • Keeping kitchen and bathrooms wet, by not cleaning properly after use
  • Not letting wet mats and carpets dried completely.

A landlord must take care of the rented home by carrying out all repairs and meeting all safety requirements time to time. If mould develops as a result of negligence on the part of the landlord, then it is the responsibility of the landlord to get it resolved. On the other part, the tenant is also responsible if mould is developed because of tenant.

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