5 Things to Take Note for While Making Changes to your Property

Anything related to the property needs to be done with caution. Your little carelessness might cause you to lose your property. Letting out your property is not as easy as it sounds to be. It involves too much of paperwork which might be tricky at times. Even making changes to the property is a difficult task. Besides hiring just an architect and a civil engineer for the work, you need to consider other things too. Making Changes to a Property is an important aspect of tenancy process.

Take a note of these points to make sure that you are not stuck in any trouble while making changes to a property.

  • Study your Leasing Agreement

Before planning any changes to the property, make sure that you have studied your leasing agreement well. In terms of property, landlord and tenant rights are different most of the times. You need to know your rights and also the rights of the other party to ensure that he is not doing something that he is not entitled to. Besides looking at the immediate aspects, you need to focus on the long term aspects too. Do not ignore even a single line of the lease otherwise you will only invite trouble. That is why it is said that renting is not that easy.

  • What type of Changes you Want to Make?

Some of the leasing agreements strictly prohibit any kind of modifications being made to the property. In such cases, you cannot even think of making any changes to the property. However, if your agreement is not so strict regarding making changes to the property then you need to first decide what type of changes you wish to make. If the changes are minor like adding a wooden cupboard in your kitchen and it is permitted by the agreement, you can carry it out. If you wish to carry out a major change that might be disturbing for your neighbour, inform your neighbour about the changes well in advance and plan it accordingly.

  • Licence of Altering the Property

Not just your leasing or renting agreements ensure that your property has the licence of being altered. This licence is given by the concerned government authorities who take care of the planning and housing maps of the city. If you are planning to alter the basic structure of your property, you need to ensure that you have the licence. If you do not have the licence then you need to take the licence to avoid legal troubles. File an application with the concerned government office along with the requisite papers. after getting your application approved, licence will be granted to you.

  • Inclusion of Exteriors

Normally, exteriors are not included while considering the alteration clause of the property. You need to study the renting and leasing agreements before making the changes. Do not be extremely happy if your agreement allows you to make changes; it might prohibit making changes to the exteriors of the property. If you wish to make changes to the exteriors, seek permission from the concerned authorities. The permission process is often time taking and involves paper work. But once you get the permission, you can carry out the changes without any worries.

  • Making Changes to the Agreement

If your agreements do not have the clause to make the changes to the property and you are willing to make the changes then you need to get the agreement altered. Make sure that the changes take both the landlord and tenant rights into account. Legal drafting is not a child’s play. You need to take the help of a lawyer or a legal drafter. He will draft all your desired points in the form of a legal agreement. Do not forget the clause for penalties on the breach of the agreement. Make sure that altered agreement takes the government permissions into account and both the parties are satisfied with it. Once you feel that the agreement is perfect, print it on a stamp paper and let both the parties sign it.

Making changes to a property is not easy. However, we have made it easy for you by listing out the points. Read them and make the changes without any worry.

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