Tips & Tricks to stay away from a Homeshare Nightmare

If you have made it this far, then well done! The important fact that your eyes are on this page simply means you’re a wonderful human being who isn’t too hoggish to even think sharing their cozy space with other individuals…and we appreciate you for this!

Of course, for even the coolest and easy-going people, there are a few things that make homeshares or flatshares a little different from staying separately. We know that every human being is different and each have their own set of habits and quirks, so learning to live with different people in the same living space is not always going to be easy like abc.

Luckily though, there are some simple things that you need to glue in your mind to make sure that your flatshare doesn’t become an unforgettable experience and that you are showing your new housepals and roommates the reverence they deserve.

Cut to the chase, so follow these easy guidelines, and rather than a houseshare-war situation wherein scrounging a blanket is enough to kick start the World War 3, you’ll find yourself with new pals that will actually last and give moments (only cheerful ones) you’ll store in your mind for life. Let’s jump in…

First and foremost, whenever you shift into a homeshare or flatshare with other people is that even though you’ve made a decision to live together in one happy and roomy housemate’s house, it doesn’t mean that they will wish to see you every moment. Pay respect to each other’s personal space and spend some time away from your homemate’s home. Even with friendliest mates, you’re probably clash at some point of time. Thus, keep your mind cool and don’t fight on tiny matters like why you ate my bread…as it’s irksome but tolerable, right?

The second issue that usually pops up when it comes to sharing a home is bringing your guests to shared lodging. Always check with your roomies whether they’ve have some issue with the same or not. If you’re living with your friend and not paying rent, then don’t let your guests to stay with you for long period as this might infuse heat in the cool, calm and collected environment.

Once you rise over all the above-mentioned scenarios, it’s time to talk about money. It’s very natural that in a houseshare, there are many things you’ll need to buy, such as soap, toilet roll, etc.  So, make a money pool as this will ensure that your roomies are paying their fair share. Also keep an eagle eye on your personal expenses to save your pocket.


Cleaning, yes this is one of the common issues that usually heats up mind. All and sundry has different standard of hygiene and the condition of communal bathroom and kitchen temper can easily give birth to those tiny tussle. Thus, try and find roommates with a similar attitude towards cleanliness like you. You could always cobble together a cleaning schedule and bid adieu to silly temper fray. If you choose to cook jointly, a shopping rota is undoubtedly a great idea, if not, stick to eating the food you procure— as no-one likes a cookie thief!

With these tiny bites, you should find your homeshare or flatshare to be an entirely enjoyable and rewarding experience. If still you’ve some trouble, there are hundreds more homebuddies out there to pick from.

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