Easy Ways to Keep Your Energy Bills down In This Winter

The pesky season of summer has gone and winter has again made a frosty comeback. This is the time when your energy bills will begin to climb due to the usage of several heating devices. As the temperature starts to dip, here’s how you can cut down on your energy bills in this winter.

Check Your Insulation

Rotate your eye balls warily in your attic. What do you see? Do you find some bare places, which need instant insulation? Try to spot out what kind of insulation you have in your home and ensure it’s working properly. Make sure that the door blocks the flow of air tightly. For this, use any bonding agent to fasten fiberglass batt insulation to the garret side of the floor. Use latch bolt system to close the attic tightly if the door won’t lie flat.

Make Sure Your Home Is Air Sealed

Air leaks and flow of breeze allow warm air to rapidly flee your home, resulting in terrific cooling and heating bills. The simple solution to this dilemma is to pore over your house for air leaks and appropriately air seal any leaks you identify.

Remove Drafts Around Electrical Boxes

Electrical boxes in your outer walls are disreputably drafty as insulation isn’t always positioned behind and around the appropriately. To put a stop on the leaks, eliminate the cover plates and block the small cracks with acrylic latex caulk. Use foam based sealant for bigger holes. Afterwards, place a foam cap over the opening or replace and switch the cover plate. The gasket saves your money and shields your home from chilly winds for long time.

Cover Patio Doors And Windows With Plastic Film

Even a few tiniest cracks in windows shoot up your electricity bills tremendously. That’s why you need to cover up those siding doors and windows with transparent plastic film that will trim down the loss. By using this inexpensive film, you are going to save approximately 14% on your overall energy bill. The clear plastic film is easily available in local stores and you can take it off easily in the spring season.

Unplug Those Vampire Appliances

Be wary about vampires skulking in your cozy space in the shape of energy-sucking equipments. Your microwave, laptop, toaster, TV, and other appliances are draining a good amount of energy even if they are not on. The vampire equipments coerce you to take out money from your wallet. Thus, pull out the plugs and your energy bill thank you.

Invest In Some Energy Star Appliances

What says I CARE like an energy saving boiler or washing machine? Give yourself a gift in this winter by procuring Energy Star Equipment. These appliances are friendly to the environment and saves money. Major equipments account for about 13 percent use of energy at home. Energy Start models can help you to reduce your overall energy usage by 30-40 percent each month.

Turn Off Those Lights

Step back and turn those lights off…doesn’t this sentence refresh those childhood moments? When you leave your room and switch out all the lights, you actually save a lot of bucks. Say bye to energy-absorbing incandescent bulbs, it’s the time to buy CFL (compact fluorescent lamp)  and LEDs (light-emitting diode).

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