Real Food Market: Pleasure of Tasting Ethically Produced Domestic Food

The Real Food Market in London is a weekend affair stretching from Friday to Sunday. It is held at the Southbank Centre where hundreds of stalls sell food stuff at a high standard in order to promote British produce which are nutritionally rich and produced under sustainable as well as ethical methods.
That is why many small-scale producers converge at Southbank Centre Square to showcase and sell their wares. All visitors can stuff their bag with tasty cheese, fresh pasta, delicious pies, seasonal fruit and vegetables in addition to organic meat and other delicacies.

Under a Single Roof

In fact foodies dig at the Real Food market for a whole range of delicious organic, freshly made and carefully selected produce available under a single roof. The underlying principle is that of slow food as an ideal place for those who love it and ensure buying the best ingredients.
Collectively the offerings at the market can be described as organic, authentic, free range and fair trade. The enthusiasm for the market is understood as the rising awareness of Consumers about the negative side of the food industry. Real Food puts Londoners to find the best of the best in a range of food stuff from meat, dairy, fruit and vegetarian fare.
So there is chicken, wine and many other home grown and ethically sourced foods. This farmer’s market regales foodies beyond imagination by helping to try hundreds of different items coming from a range of producers.
The backbone of the Real food market is hundreds of small artisan producers coming from all parts of the UK selling their wares to Londoners. So any food lover longing for properly grown food that is ethically sourced can get here.

Large Variety

The offerings are mind boggling– handmade chocolates to the finest artisan cheeses, chutneys, proper sausages, olive oils, charcuterie, regional specialities and delights.
The Southbank Centre is a place for many outdoor events and food fairs. It has vast pedestrianised space within the modernist concrete blocks.
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