Steps To Make A Buy-To-Let Property More Energy Efficient

Many buy to let rental properties in London are undergoing measures to boost energy efficiency of the building or making the property greener. Such a step by the landlord will help the tenant to enjoy a good stay in the rented property without paying hefty energy bills. Otherwise tenants harried by soaring energy bills will look for more efficient properties leaving the landlord bitter with long void periods.

Those occupying rental properties in London follow some guidelines to save energy in their premises.

    • Using electricity and gas moderately to keep utility bills in control.
    • Keep the windows shut in winter.
    • Turn off lights while leaving any room.
    • Refrain from non stop central heating.
    • Turn off appliances while going to bed
    • Never operate appliances as stand by 24 hours a day.


Concrete Steps for Landlord

If the landlord takes a few initiatives with a long term perspective it will give a facelift to the property while bringing down the energy bills.

  • Proper Insulation: All new developments in London are energy efficient. Older buildings will need retrofit in cavity walls and loft for ensuring better insulation. This can thwart the ingression of intense cold into the rooms. In London all homes built in the last 50 years are good enough with sufficient space in the walls to carry out cavity insulation work. The work involves filling the gap with foam insulation can retain heat and prevent condensation.
  • Revamp Lighting: There must be some makeover in lighting before giving a new development to rent in London. Making it energy efficient is important. Installing energy efficient CFLs across the property is a good idea to reduce the electricity used and save at least £10 per annum on the bill as savings can multiply.
  • Install Draught Excluders: Installing draught excluders around the windows and basement doors will prevent cold air from entering the property. This will reduce the heating bills of the tenant further.
  • Revamp windows: Windows are the biggest source of heat loss therefore they have to be taken care of. So replace the aluminum frames with UPVC frames.


In the matter of water heating, property owners of buy to let properties can opt for a ‘Combi boiler’ that boils water only when it is required. Water saving can be accentuated by adding many low-flow fixtures in toilets, shower heads and washing machines. The water saved can cut down the water bills dramatically.

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