15 Things Landlords Can Do To Prepare For Winters

Winter season is just round the corner in our country and it’s that time of the year when we give extra care and attention to our houses. And if you are a landlord, the care required is just a little bit more to safeguard your rental houses from harsh winter weather. Starting the preparations right from now is ideally the best to protect your rental property.

Here are 15 user-friendly ways which you can use to winter proof your houses during the cold season:

1. Secure the cracks in walls: The foremost work to do is to check for any cracks in the exterior walls, doors and windows of the house. If you find any, secure them with waterproof paints and water resistant seals. Cracks can pose a danger in the winter as melted water can seep in and destroy the insulation of the house.

2. Replace damaged roofs: Inspect the roofs of your house in non-winter season to check for any damages in the roof. Replace them immediately to ensure that the house remains safe even during winter storms.

3. Place a doormat near the doors: It is always advised to place a rough and sturdy doormat at the door to protect the floors from moisture and dirt from outside.

4. Thoroughly clean the gutters and drains pipes: Before the winter spell begins, it is advisable to clean the gutters and drain pipes thoroughly. Clogged gutters and pipes are a serious threat to the house. They allow ice to form in the winters.

5. Trim the shrubs and trees: Snow covered trees can weaken the branches and they might end up falling down. It could severely damage the house if trees are closer to the property. Also a good trimming before the start of the cold season can give the trees a long lease of life.

6. Insulating pipes are a must: Pipes can freeze in the cold weather and it could prove fatal for the house. Insulation of pipes helps keep them warm in the harsh weather. Always choose an insulation that has heat blocking capacity.

7. Set up yard sprinkler: If the property has a yard sprinkler, then it is necessary that you winterize the sprinklers. All the residual water must be removed otherwise there is a risk of water freezing and pipes might burst, affecting the house.

8. Keep the cabinet doors open: It is always advisable to keep the cabinet doors under the sinks open when the temperatures are freezing. This is useful in allowing the heat to circulate around the pipes.

9. Shut the unused rooms: It is always good to close down the rooms are not used and confine to fewer rooms. This will help in reducing the circulation of cold air in the house. It will keep the interiors warm and protected.

10. Check on the heaters: It is a necessity that we ensure the heating system is in a proper working condition in the rental property. We must also ensure that vents of the heater function properly.

11. Insulate electrical outlets: During the frozen days and nights safety is of utmost importance. Ensure that all the electrical outlets inside and outside the house are insulated properly.

12. Use heavy curtains: Thick fabrics help in keeping the cold air at bay. They make the insides of the house warm and comforting. Grab heavy and bright curtains.

13. Check the chimneys for faults: It is always advised to check and repair chimneys before the start of winter season. Clear the debris in the chimney before it is suitable for the tenants to use.

14. Close down the garage: Again warm air can escape from garages. It is always advisable to shut down garage doors during cold season to prevent cold air entering the house.

15. Seal all the ducts: Warm air escapes from open or cracked ducts. It is always good to seal all the ducts beforehand.

With these useful tips make sure to protect our property from all the winter storm and harsh weather. Though there would be damage, the extent of it could be reduced.

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