Landlord More Responsible In Pest Control Matters

As we know, in London rental apartment, there will be many clauses weighing down a tenant to test his credentials, trustworthiness and credit worthiness. But the domineering landlord can also be put on the back foot if a few pests are present in the property up for rent.

If a property on rent has a problem of pest infestation the responsibility lies with the landlord to fix it. It will be deemed as the unclean condition of the property, for which the owner will be accountable as a breach of contract. At a later date, after the tenancy has started and pests surface then the relevant provisions in the deal will book the tenant for his laxity in hygiene.

Pest List

So what all creatures come under the pest list– or vermin? They are white ants, termites, cockroaches, wasps, rats, fleas and mice as in the hit list of a paid pest control man. So at the start of a tenancy, the owner has to be responsible for fumigation and other measures.

The tenant on his part, must seek out signs of pest infestations and verify whether the previous tenant had dogs or cats. This is because it takes a few months for fleas to appear, as per their breeding cycle.

As soon as the tenant discovers pests in the property, he can propose for a fumigation. It can be prior to occupying the property or after a few weeks of his occupancy. Even if pest elimination has not been mentioned in the contract, its onus falls on the owner.

Tightening the Tenant

A tenant will also face the heat, after his occupancy and infestation appears and evidence suggests that it happened because of his lack of cleanliness. Then the tenant must take responsibility for its control or elimination.

Suppose if the tenant is not at fault other remedies can be sought. In case the infestation was caused by a neighbour who had let rubbish grow in the backyard, then the matter can be taken to the local council for a suitable remedy.

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