Landlords Ready to Let Tenants with Pets for Higher Rents

In the process of letting out a property a landlord undertakes a whole lot of responsibilities towards the tenants. As soon as the rental contract is signed with a tenant, a landlord becomes obliged to provide a secure place to live by way of timely maintenance and repairs prescribed in the contract under various heads

The tenants are also expected to be fair in the upkeep of the property. But when it comes to the question of allowing pets into a rental property there is always resistance by landlords who are petrified pets will damage their property, furniture and invite fleas and all kinds of unhygienic objects into the premises besides causing nuisance to the neighbours.

Issue of Pets

Despite the express concerns of landlords the fact is that rental property market is booming and most tenants have doting pets as part of their entourage. So the entrenched prejudice notwithstanding there is immense monetary attraction in obliging tenants with pets. And the results are there to see. The softening stand of landlords is converting into economic gains. Today’s landlords are more business savvy and see more benefits than problems.

Longer Stay

The immediate benefit to a pet-friendly landlord is that there is a chance of longer stay of the tenant who may not want the hassle of trying to find another pet-friendly property. The financial gain to the landlord comes in multiple ways.

Higher Rent and Deposit

To guard against the worries of potential damage to property and furniture a higher deposit can be demanded that can cover all extra bills after assuring the tenant that the amount will be returned in full if the property is left in a good condition. Since pet friendly properties are in high demand, asking for a slightly higher rent is justified and tenants will only be happy to pay it, if they can keep their pets with them.

Legal Restraints

Some legal restraints are also in force with regard to allowing pets into a property particularly in leasehold flats. So landlords can convert this into an opportunity for better gains. Pet owners jump at any pet-friendly property but it must be well covered legally to prevent legal issues later.If you are a tenant having pets and looking for a residential flat to rent in Beaufort Park, there is considerably supply in this North West London location with plenty of options suiting your requirements.

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