Some Legendary London Facts you Definitely want to Explore

London is a modern city with a colorful and long history. There are many interesting London Facts. For the starters, London has the maximum number of foreign languages spoken compared to any other city in the world. The city is a renowned name in  the Map of World and its artistic culture and a Vintage Life attracts millions of Tourists and Job Seekers. Here are some of the finest, yet not Popular London Facts that one should read about.

London Facts

#1 Combo of 2 Cities

London was formed by joining the two cities known as the city of London and the city of Westminster. Highly fascinating and rich architecture marks out London.

The interesting snippets about London will be rejoicing to the visitors who frequent London, making it one of the most visited cities in the world. London is a great melting pot. Lots of Asians, Indians and people from all parts of the world have settled there and are working. There are roughly 270 languages spoken in the London city.

#2 Big City: The UK is the eighth biggest country in Europe and London is the ninth largest city in the world.

#3 Tube: The city takes pride in the sophisticated underground railway. The Angel Tube station has the Western Europe’s longest escalator of about 318 steps. The London underground was built in 1863 and is known as the Tube and first metro of the world had ever seen.

The Marble Arch was originally conceived as the entrance to the Buckingham palace. But that plan was shelved and it was never used. London showcases Canary Wharf as the tallest building in the city with a colossal height of 900 feet.

#4 British Parliament

The British Parliament has 1100 rooms and 5km long corridors. It also houses 19 bars and restaurants and is one of the biggest parliament houses in the world.

#5 Big Ben: Big Ben is not the name of a Tower, but the name given to the bell inside the tower. London Eye took seven long years for people from five countries to make it.

Some Additional London Facts

Palace of Westminster: It is illegal to die in the Palace of Westminster. Many leading playwrights and poets are buried at Westminster Abbey. The tomb of poet Edmund Spenser contains unpublished works of his admirers, including Shakespeare, who threw poems into his grave as a tribute.

Funny Names

Cock Lane earned that name not due to any association with poultry. But it was the only street licensed for prostitution in the middle ages.

The unusual street names include

  • Ha Ha Road
  • Hooker’s Road
  • Quaggy Walk
  • Cyclops Mews
  • Uamvar Street

Some two doors down 25 Brook Street the famous composer Handel lived from until his death in 1759, and that flat has been turned into a museum.


London pubs have a celebrity touch. Many artists, writers, and poets have been the regular visitors to these pubs.  It was at the Fitzroy Tavern on Charlotte Street famous poet Dylan Thomas and writer George Orwell used to spend leisure time.


Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in a room at Red Lion pub on the Great Windmill Street. A bar still exists there. Russian revolutionaries Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky met at the now demolished Brotherhood Church on Southgate Road in 1907.

Dog and Duck is a popular British pub where dogs would chase a duck. This was really played at Balls Road at Islington.


You may not believe that most popular store of London–Harrods was into the sale of cocaine until 1915. Spitalfields District was previously called Lolsworth. Sir Christopher Wren proposed putting a stone pineapple on top of the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. The last execution at the Tower of London was German soldier Josef Jakobs in 1941.

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