Thames River: The Ultimate Part of Any London Experience

River Thames is the longest river in England and well known for its course through London city. Thames, its journey, graces so many towns and cities which include Oxford and Windsor.

The river is intertwined with England’s past and has been described as ‘Liquid History’. Originating from the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, the river covers quaint villages and historic towns, castles and great houses on its way. Two famous canals link the river to other river basins. They are Kennet and Avon Canal and the Grand Union Canal.

Rowing and Sailing

Rowing and sailing are integral to Thames, which is navigable in vessels. Kayaking and canoeing are other sports taking place on Thames. Some interesting annual events include the Henley Royal Regatta and The Boat Race.

Organized swimming in the river has been banned on safety grounds in the stretch in Central London.

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Connected with Past

Thames has been a highway and a venue for historic battles. The river was a source of inspiration for many writers and artists. The banks of Thames are a wonderful retreat. Overall, the river is perfect for boating, walking, fishing or to relax in a pub or restaurant to watch its wonderful view. There are hundreds of enthusiasts who do games like Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) on the river.

Runnymede, Windsor and Henley

The best way to enjoy the beauty of Thames is to go for the 48 hours in Thames.  You can start the day by wandering through the historic meadows and woods of Runnymede. It is the place where King John’s sealed the Magna Carta. It is set within the beautiful landscape memorials by Maufe, Jellicoe and Lutyens. It will be commemorating many glorious moments in world history.  A visit to Windsor would be complete without visiting the Castle. It is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world with a history of 1000 years. You can wind down the day with a return trip to Runnymede before heading to the hotel for the night.

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