Tips to Get Best Tenants by Refurbishing the Property

In a tough rental market landlords have to work really hard to secure the best tenants. So the strategy must be to make your property stand out from rest of the crowd. For that mere hospitality to tenants will not work. What wins over tenants is impressive ambience and looks that please the tenants.

Impress the Tenant

Tenants are only impressed by clean décor, good kitchen, nice bathrooms and a clutter-free space. Unlike homebuyers who have the leeway to ignore shortcomings of a property with the comfort that they can change it later tenants need on the spot solutions. The focus of renters is how a property looks at the moment and what it can offer to them.
So the tips are here,

No Feelings: Since renting is a hard business have a critical approach with the eyes of a tenant.

Get the Best agent: Rise above personal recommendations and get an agent who is licensed by ARLA (Association of Residential Letting Agents) so that he is bound by a code of practice. Get the agent’s candid advice.

Research property Portals: Research for similar properties and their rental value and how they are furnished and why. Learn more from the competition.

De-clutter the premises: When a Tenant steps in for viewing in the first glance itself he must fantasy that he is living there. To bring that perception, take out useless furniture and all without retaining anything for sentimental and other reasons.

Do ‘spring clean’: Take time to dust out and wipe down cupboards and to make the bathroom sparkle. Bring a handyman for repairs and replace seals and grouting if required.

Redecorate. Give a fresh coat of paint in neutral shade to brighten up the home. Also not forget to paint the exteriors and gateway.

Change the Accessories: Keep aside a moderate sum for changing all worn out fittings and add fresh ones. They can be new lamps, light fittings, bed linens, cushions and kitchen accessories.

Make the Garden tidy: Renovate the garden by putting pots or window boxes to add colour to the door. Since some tenants may not like indoor plants keeping them makes no sense.

Make a house “manual”: Prepare the owners’ manuals regarding the use of household appliances with instructions for things like door locks, garden equipments or other items.

Follow the Laws: Be aware of rent laws and follow the tenant’s deposit requirements besides rules on gas and power safety as applicable to a rental apartment in London.

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