9 Simple Steps will help you find your ideal Rental Property

Finding an ideal rental home in London is both time taking and challenging task. The process of finding a rental home involves several steps to be performed. Every rental property is not same; there are many factors which one need to keep in mind while selecting the perfect property.

You may consider particular home best for you, but in reality it is not. And sometimes, you consider a home as good for you, but it may turn out to be even better than you imagined. Therefore, it is important to make a proper checklist and follow the process.
So are you searching for a rental home? Follow these simple steps which will help you in finding ideal rental home for you in London.

1.Budget- The most important factor to consider is the budget. In other words, how much you can pay as a rent. For this, you may monitor your monthly expenses, manage finances and then prepare a plan as how much amount you have to pay as rent. This can include electricity bill, maintenance charges, or any other charges related to rental home. This will help you in further filtering the options while looking for the rental home.

2.Requirements- There are different type of long term flats in London, few have extra benefits for its residents such as swimming pool, spa, gym, fully fitted kitchen with integrated appliances, wooden flooring, free Wi-Fi and many more. You need to work out on your needs and requirements, what you want in your rental home. Your needs should match your budget too.

3.Size and Location- Another important thing to consider while finalizing rental home is the size and location of the home. If you are a family of two or two plus kids then one or two bedroom apartment will be enough for you. If you are a big family, you may check out for big size apartments. Along with the size of the home, check its location. Is it near to your office or your kid’s school or college? Is it well connected with the public transport? Check all these before finalizing a rental home.

4.Basic Amenities- Determine the availability of all basic amenities close to the rental property such as the vicinity to the local market, hospital, school, restaurant, entertainment, park or pool. Make a list of the preferred amenities while choosing a rental home. Range of amenities too depends on the type of family, such as if you have senior citizen or kids with you then your property must have local doctor or hospital nearby.

5.Safety Concerns- Check all safety measures of rental property in London. Check for smoke detectors in the house, on site security, outside lighting, electronic system for entry, CCTV cameras, etc. The property should be located in a safe location or you can say in the area surrounded by all amenities, in the busy streets of London.

6.Property Condition– Do not just choose a property on the basis of its rent, location or features, consider its condition before finalizing it for rent. Check for any water leakage, any damages, heating, air condition, working of all appliances, flooring, wall painting, etc. this will avoid any confusion related to damages later on. Make sure that you take list of all inventories prior to renting for records with signature in the presence of the agent.

7.Rental Agreement– Once you have finalized a rental home, start further process of making a rental agreement with the landlord. This agreement will have all terms and conditions pertaining to a rental home. It will include the rights of landlord and tenant, rental amount, duration of lease, amount of deposit and fees, other payments, who will conduct repairs of the property, and any other formalities which needs to have on record. This will help both landlord and tenants to have clear terms of renting.

8.Professional services– You can start searching for the Long term apartments London online on various sites according to your needs. But, that does not give you exact information and many times it leads to scam as well. It is recommended to take services of professional real estate agents in finding the perfect rental property for you. They charge a particular amount as fee ad are responsible for whole process of renting starting from property viewing till moving into the property.

9.Moving In– After completing all the formalities and finally taking the keys of the home, it’s time to move into the rental property. Take the keys from your real estate agent, make notes, check all inventory as per the list provided and start the tenancy. Do not forget to detail out the state of the property as the tenancy starts for records.

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