What to Choose: a 2 Bed or 3 Bed Apartment?

When it comes to rent a property, a buyer is always bewildered in making various major decisions such as- deciding between the locations, amenities, space, type of construction, budget and all. At this point of time, when you are stuck to the perplexity of two bedroom house or three bedroom houses, you find yourself in more trouble.

So, If are indeed dealing with the same concerns then you should not take the stress since we are here to help you flush out your worries. Since both two and three bedroom houses are able to respond the needs and desires of British families, there are some certain professional points you need to look into. We have covered up those things here.

Well, if you possess a small studio apartment or flat with one room and kitchen only, the expected profit will not be that fruitful by all means. So, now the question is here, what is better- two or three bedroom home? Though, there is no exact answer for both– renter and landlord. However, by reading these points, you can have a bit of idea of how you should make a decision.

When it comes to check out the property from the investment point of view, the bigger is always a priority. Means, in this case, 3 bedrooms will be highly profitable but in some ways, those could be exceptions as well, People tend to downsize the rooms too.

Choose according to your lifestyle

Before making any final decision or removing a bedroom from your 3 bedroom set to turn into two, consider your lifestyle or how you utilize the space. If your kids have settled to abroad and your third bedroom is no more or less a storage room then it’s cool to merge it. Secondly, if you have a large family with kids and their kids then, I guess, 3 bedrooms will be less too. So, it’s all about the lifestyle and the way you use the space.

Keep the options

There are many families who have specific plans for their dream home and decide to make their third bedroom into the vast bathroom. They want to have a big soaker tub, heated floors, and a glassed-in shower and more. Though it sounds great but think about after 10 years scenario, will there be enough space for the people or your children’s’ family. Thus, it’s important to keep options.

Thinking from the resale point of view

As per the study carried by National Association of Realtors, three bedrooms and two bathrooms are highly in demand among the homebuyers or in the segment of the market. This is good from the families’ point of view with one or two children but don’t forget that families are not the buyers. For the single people or downsizing, a two bedroom is the house they are always running after. If you are hoping to resale your home in the near future then you should take the cost of the renovation versus the value of the home into consideration.

Thinking from the investment point of view

When investors buy a home they naturally want the most bang for their money. In this concept, they check out the number of bedrooms. As a landlord you should always be aware of how much extra you can charge for a home with the additional bedroom. If you are going from the investment point of view then two bedroom set with a lot of extra facilities is highly in demand among renters.

So, in this post, we saw the benefits of both two bedroom and 3 bedroom Apartments. Now you can have an idea of what is better? Just consider these points and get your home be renovated accordingly.

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